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Industrial Chemical

Saurabh Industries has employed scientists, who use latest technique to control, modify and augment the manufacturing processes of various industrial chemicals. The results of using best technique are visible in our range which is applicable in various industries / segments such as dairy, laboratory, paints and perfumery. We are working from Ujjain (Madhya Pradesh, India) and are catering to Indian (domestic) demands only. We are also offering various cleaning, disinfected, distilled, inorganic and specialty chemicals under the category of industrial chemicals. Using newer techniques, we have improved our list of chemicals and their grades, which has directly increased the output of commercially valuable chemicals.

Key Points of Top Grade Industrial Chemicals:
  • Zero presence of toxins or unwanted material
  • Longer shelf life and excellent reaction properties
  • Highly purified and requires proper storage
  • Non-hazardous for humans
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Disinfected chemicals

Disinfected chemicals are widely used for the preparation of various disinfectants, sanitizers and cleaning products. These chemicals are antimicrobial agents that kill the bacteria as well as inhibit its growth on any surface. They are completely safe, inexpensive, and noncorrosive as well as do not harm the humans or useful form of life. These chemicals have precise composition and are safely packed in various quantity options. The chemical grade depends on the field of the usage and requirement as well.

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Defoamer Chemicals

Defoamer Chemicals arehelpful in breaking the foam that is already formed as well as for preventing the formation of foam. They are the chemical additives that are used in industries to reduce and eliminate the formation of foam in various process liquids. These anti-foamers are really important chemical in various industrial processes as foam poses serious problems and are required to be eliminated. They have surface active properties and are insoluble in the foaming medium. These anti foaming agents have low viscosity and can spread rapidly on foamy surfaces.

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Dairy Chemicals

Dairy Chemicals are widely used for various applications in various dairy plants. These chemicals may include disinfectants, flavoring agents, preservatives, sanitizers, testing chemicals and much more. They are completely safe for the products as well as for the human consumption and are nontoxic in nature. These chemicals are accurately composed and manufactured in sophisticated environment with the aid of modern techniques. They are tested thoroughly on various parameters to ensure the quality as well as safety of the product.

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Cleaning Chemicals

Cleaning Chemicals are designed for effective cleaning of various surfaces as well as making them clean and hygienic. They are ideal for cleaning floors, washrooms, bathrooms, walls, glass & generic areas, or equipments in industrial, commercial & residential areas. These chemicals include disinfectants, room fresheners, hand wash chemicals, sanitizers and cleaners. They are globally acknowledged for their pocket friendly prices, fast cleaning action, antimicrobial properties, non-toxic and non-corrosive nature. These chemicals leave no residue on the surface as well as remove the tough stain easily.

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Perfumery Chemicals

Perfumery Chemicals are bits and pieces of an aroma that are used to make unique perfumes and flavors. These aromatic chemicals are acknowledged for their qualities such as longevity, depth, and richness. They are blended with other chemicals as well to create a unique aroma for each perfume or flavor. These chemicals are used for the formulation of flavors that are used in baked goods, drinks, candy or alcohol. Some aromatic chemicals are very soft and light, while others are extremely strong.

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Paints Chemicals

Paints Chemicals are widely used in paint and ink industries for the production of various paints, color coatings and enamels. They are processed using the high-quality material with the aid of latest techniques and are stringently tested on defined parameters of quality. These chemicals are globally acknowledged for their optimum quality, excellent consistency and accurate composition. They spread easily on any surface such as walls, doors, windows, metals or glass and protects it from corrosion or degradation.

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Laboratory Chemicals

Laboratory Chemicals are widely used for various testing purposes and experiments in laboratories. These chemicals include reagents, acids, bases, alkalis, solvents, solutions, and many others in concentrated as well as diluted form. They are precisely composed and tested on various quality parameters for accurate results. These chemicals are processed and packaged safely to ensure their reaction quality for a longer period of time. They are available in various grades for to suit a wide range of laboratory applications and have excellent purity rate.

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Inorganic Chemicals

Inorganic Chemicals are the one that do not have any carbon molecule in their composition. The offered chemicals are widely used in various chemical industries that include catalysts, pigments, medicine, fuel, surfactants, coatings, and agriculture. They often have specific high or low electrical conductivity properties and high melting points, making them suitable for a wide range of such applications. These chemicals also play an important role in the study of environmental chemistry for understanding the working of uncontaminated environment.

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Fine Chemicals

Fine chemicals are produced in limited quantities in multipurpose plants by multi-step batch chemical or biotechnological processes. They are single, complex, pure chemical substances that are used in various industrial, medical and laboratory applications where they take the form of pharmaceutical ingredients, biocides, and specialized chemicals. These chemicals are expensive to produce and available in a large variety. They are combined with other drugs to form various medicines, biological pesticides or insecticides and much more. These chemicals are highly purified and are freefrom toxicity or contamination.

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Distilled Chemicals

Distilled Chemicals are the purified form of chemicals that are obtained by heating and condensing them. They are heated and vaporized, and then the resulting liquid is cooled, condensed and collected. These chemicals are processed with the aid of modern techniques and are tested thoroughly on various quality parameters. They are widely used for various applications in different industries as well as for cooling off the engines of airplanes at the time of their take-off. These chemicals are used for performing perform various tests & experiments in various biological and chemical laboratories.


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